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Lightening Lotion for Black Skin

Lightening Lotion for Black Skin

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Skin lightening body lotion with all the goodness for healthy looking whiter radiant skin. GoldRush lotion effectively repairs skin damaged from using harsh bleaching products even severely damaged skin. Expect perfectly even skin tone when using this premium body lotion. Enriched with pure botanical ingredients of supreme quality GoldRush lotion deeply moisturizes hydrates softens smoothes skin. The presence of antioxidants offers protection against UV rays photoaging oxidative stress it's anti-inflammatory properties reduce acne inflammation eczema psoriasis diminish the look of acne scars hyperpigmentation blemishes. It's hydrating factor makes it a perfect fit for dry skin even extra dry skin while maintaining a good PH balance for oily normal combination skin. Niacinamide and Vitamin C are the gold standard for skin lightening you've got that in this epic gold rush lotion. Lotion makes skin several shades lighter noticeable result in 7days. Does not cause green veins stretchmarks dark knuckles thin skin.

Lightens dark knuckles

Repairs skin that has green veins or thin skin.

Repairs sun burn on the face.

Makes skin shiny glossy radiant.



What's your story:

Are you looking for a lightening product that will rejuvenate your skin by lightening it without causing any damage at all? Glad you are here because GoldRush Intense Fade Lotion is the perfect solution to your quest formulated with premium grade essential vitamins and minerals this unique lotion provides essential nutrients for safe skin lightening this is a product you may use for eternity without worrying about damage to your skin afterall your goal is to improve your skin tone so others may behold your skin it is our mission to help you fulfill your dream. GoldRush lotion will not just lighten your skin it will maintain your natural undertone such that even as you lighten up your complexion will look gorgeous natural as if you were born with this new skin you are achieving you will have soft baby skin that is radiant glowing beautiful. 

For best result use along side any of our soap.

Are you battling damaged skin:

Are you or someone you know(Mom Aunt Friend) suffering severely or mildly burnt skin caused by using products containing mercury and steroids. If you have a condition where your skin barrier is completely wrecked and you need to always cover up with makeup, is it your hands neck legs feet that are burnt or your face have you been looking for a solution but your solutions have given temporary result or some have made your skin condition worse than before, we are here to help. GoldRush lotion contains lots of healing properties for skin. High in antioxidants anti-inflammatory ingredients it's hydrating and moisturizing power will soothe your skin while healing it from within. In addition to restoring even skin tone because of it's lightening property it contains all dermatologist recommended essentials in an excellent lotion. It has humectants occlusives and emollients this is why it is the best product to restore your skin back to normal. We recommend using GoldRush lotion alongside Elite Naturals Body Milk    for quicker seamless result. 

Apply a generous amount of the products to affected area, one at night one in the morning.


If you have been using products marketed as "organic product"(in Nigeria) "pro-mix" or lightening products made in Africa and you are having these issues we advise you to stop use immediately before further damage is caused. Your skin is an asset take good care of it.


Are you someone using organic products to bleach or lighten: 

Skin lightening "organic products" in Nigeria are different from what is referred to as organic products in western world. In this context we are referring to organic skin bleaching products in Nigeria. These are not tried and tested products most users don't know what the products are made of  some promixers do not know the contents of what they are mixing together either needless to wonder why you are getting dark knuckles  sun burn from your organic skin lightening product? Do you really want cheap bleaching which doesn't give you a glow or do you desire a glowing skin afterall we know you are not happy with dark knuckles or sun burn.

Our Advise:

Quit using Nigerian organic bleaching / lightening products instead go for a product of reputable origin in which ingredients are listed and source is verified. 


Hyperpigmentation Melasma Acne Scar Blemishes Dark Spots:

GoldRush lotion is your lotion of choice for all listed skin issues.




All in all be patient on your skin care journey your goal of a clean can't beat skin is only achievable if you get things right. 

Whether you are looking to lighten your skin or clear unwanted skin discoloration while doing it safely without the use of harsh chemicals GoldRush lotion contains all natural ingredients this gives it the authenticity to renew rejuvenate and improve clarity to skin without any side effects.


What we love the most about GoldRush Lotion

It does not give the user an orange skin tone instead it maintains a naturals skin tone of either yellow undertone or warm(red) undertone.  These two tones are the natural undertone for us not orange undertone. In addition to giving a natural undertone it delivers safe lightening youthful appearance beautiful glow. Orange skin tone makes bleached / lightened skin look cheap and fake it doesn't give a glow.


Suitable for all skin types. Chocolate skin, Caramel Skin, Fair Skin.


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